Ojai Underground Exchange is a small 50 seat listening room in the quiet town of Ojai California. Underground Exchange is an event space and dance studio.

Due to the Pandemic, we have switched our performance events to unlisted, donation based, High Quality Audio and Video Live Broadcast.

We will continue beginning in March 2021.

We are planning our return to attended performances this fall, at which time we will broadcast  the events live simultaneously .​


We have been presenting an average of two shows a week for three and a half years with a mix of regional, national and international acts featuring musical artists, dance, film, and theater. The venue offers multitrack recording and four camera filming, and has had numerous live records released from shows.


This Weeks' Concert/Live Broadcast Events
Phil Salazar 1516 2021.png
Phil Salazar 1516 2021.png

Phil Salazar and The Kin Folk

Friday&Saturday October 15/16

7:00 PM


Oct•Nov•and Beyond

10-15-2021•Phil Salazar and The Kin Folk

10-16-2021•Phil Salazar and The Kin Folk

10-22-2021•Jazz Guitarist Dan Zimmerman Trio

10-23-2021•Bernie Larsen & Friends

11-5-2021•John Batdorf

11-6-2021•MARLEY'S GHOST

11-13-2021•Severin Browne w Jaeger Reid 

11-20-2021•The Tall Men

12-4-2021•Chas Duncan

12-11-2021•ROOSTER RA

2-5-2021•Solo Jazz Guitar Legends With 

       Molly Miller/Mark Goldenberg/Adam Levy

2-12-2021•Picker Mike Mullins

Underground Exchange Live Compilation

"Radio Flyer" From The New Particle Kid Album "Live Underground"
Featuring Micah Nelson
(Recorded Live In Ojai At Underground Exchange)
Mixed by Niko Bolas

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